Sally Gibson has extensive experience in conducting heritage research to support such varied activities as heritage conservation districts, heritage interpretation, urban planning, archival and museum exhibitions, and diverse publications.  While most of her focus has been on Toronto, her skills are transferable to other places and projects.

With a PhD in urban geography (University of Toronto), Master of Urban Studies (Yale), and Master of Library Science with a focus on archives (University of Toronto), she has the academic skills to define problems, identify relevant primary sources, devise appropriate research strategies, and conduct research in an efficient, effective, and thorough fashion.

With over thirty years of conducting archival research, in all media (e.g., textual, photographic, architectural, and cartographic records), and over a decade of experience as a professional archivist with three major archives (Archives of Ontario, Metropolitan Toronto Archives, and City of Toronto Archives), she has deep understanding of available records, how to access them, how to assess their value, and how to use them to complement one another.

With the publication of three major books about the history of Toronto and nearly a hundred articles about the history of Toronto’s Distillery District, she has become extremely well-versed in the holdings and approaches of numerous archives and special-collection libraries.  She has also demonstrated the persistence necessary to carry major projects on to successful conclusions.  Moreover, her communications skills enable her to write high-quality but jargon-free final reports.

For further information and discussion about any project that could benefit from Gibson's heritage-research background, please contact her.